Dental Implants- Things To Consider Before Saying Yes

The following article is a post made by our guest blogger of the month, Richard Danforth. He will be relating his experiences and advice on oral prostheses, and questions to ask if you are thinking about undergoing the procedure yourself.

Dental Implants – Considerations
Certainly the costs of dental implants are enough to make anyone second guess the decision to opt in, but what else about these implants need to be considered? Your insurance should help out with the cost of the implants, and everything else you need to know should be weighed against the associated costs and any potential consequences. When it comes to dental implants- things to consider include both the benefits or advantages as well as the risks.

Obviously, one of the biggest benefits of getting dental implants is that you’re going to enjoy better looking choppers. Whether you need a full set of implants or just one, it’s a popular reason for opting for these types of implants. Additionally, implants are definitely steps above dentures because implants are permanent. That being said, they are ‘supposed to’ be a more comfortable solution. I said ‘supposed to’ because there are risks of complications that can be painful.

You don’t need to look at the last sentence and be scared about getting dental implants, however, as they are quite popular and beneficial. You just need to know all the facts. Not only will your teeth look better and supposedly feel better, but you could also notice that your speech improves as well. There is nothing like taking for granted the fact that we can talk and people can understand what we say. This is definitely a big benefit to dental implants, especially for certain people that have noticed their speech is suffering.

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Do you enjoy your food? It can be hard when you have issues with your teeth. Missing teeth can cause you to have to change your diet. If you think dentures are going to make all the difference, good luck with that. Dentures make eating even more difficult sometimes, and dental implants are supposed to make eating much easier. Now that’s what I call a benefit of opting for dental implants, enjoying all those foods once again.

While dental implants are a cosmetic surgery, they also are going to have everything to do with your dental health. (At this pint I’d like to say, if you are shopping around for an excellent dentist to perform this procedure, I recommend NOVA Premier Dental in the Falls Church, VA area. They are the experts. look over their information here: )

Dental health is important of course, which means it’s always good to look at the best options regarding dental care. You can definitely say that dental implants are the best option, but you just have to get over the risks and especially that price tag. The risks aren’t too bad considering all the benefits, but you do need to know what they are.

If those risks are still jumping out at you, and you are finding yourself worried, then take a look at what respected sites say about the success rate. When it comes to dental implants- things to consider do include what people have to say about the success rate for this procedure. What if you were told that the success rate is 98 percent?

That’s a high number! Of course, it does mean that about two in every 100 people are not going to have such a great experience. I still say that when it comes to dental implants- things to consider are more positive than negative. The biggest negative again in my opinion is the cost, but a procedure like this isn’t going to be cheap.

As a matter of fact, what dental procedure out there is cheap? Even cleanings are costly, but they are just covered by insurance. Once you have weighed the positives and negatives when it comes to dental implants, you can make a decision about whether or not they are in the cards for you. Just thinking about what your new teeth will look like might just be the incentive you need to sign up for the procedure.

We like this video talking about how dentures are made; it may help to see how this solution is created, to give you more insight on choosing this option for yourself:

Healthcare Here and There Insitu

For many in our community, part of our medical and dental-practice work has involved overseas service.

This allowed us to take what we learned in the classroom, and in our practices, and put it to the test in difficult environments. In this way, we’ve become better clinicians, serving our patients more thoroughly with tested techniques.

From improvising bandages, to using car batteries to power lights way out in the bush, we have allowed our limits to expand so that we can become better at our work back in the US where things may (or may not) provide as challenging an environment.

Though the Peace Corps is not for everyone, we hope that you all enjoy this video.